Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Quiet moment...

I've been looking for a quiet moment today to sit down and finish up a little "cars" card for the v-day drive from Children's hospital...but it seems that life is too crazy for that today. Plus, piecing this little car together has proven to be a bit more complicated then what I thought it would be...anyone else? Or is it just me that thinks the cars cartridge is a bit complicated?

So, looking at the clock (sorry I am posting so late today for those that are playing along)I decided to go ahead and grab yet another card from my BG kit...this kit has been a LIFESAVER! (sorry for doing it again...I promise to get this cars card done tonight/tomorrow :))

Anyway, here's my card for today...Perhaps we should be doing a "countdown" as the days seem to stretch on forever in January (why didn't I pick Feb. to do this challenge?!?) LOL. So only 3 more cards to post after today! Crazy huh!

Have a great day everyone!

January CAD ~ Day 28 Participants:



DonnaMundinger said...

I know, I can't believe the month is almost over! Only 3 more and we can rest a bit. LOL I'm so happy to get this done fairly early for me (Of course I've been working on it for several days) See now you have a head start on tomorrow with your cars card. Can't wait! View mine

shelly said...

awww what a cute card! 3 days left.. :( any plans for some february fun for us?
my day 28 can be seen HERE
hope your days been a good one! hugs shelly

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

oh I love those little giraffes...can't wait to see the car card!

BellaBug said...

I wish I had played along! Easy for me to say, now that it's january 29th! LOL! It's been fun looking forward to each day's cards on the cricut mb! Congrats to all you ladies for getting it done (don't pat yourself on the back yet... you've still got 3 more cards to go!) LOL!

DeeDee said...

Awww, what a sweet card Jen! I have heard others say the Cars cartridge cuts are hard to put together...I haven't tried mine yet! HUGS!

Sharon Caudle said...

LOL!!! Like I said on th other post, I was ready to give the cart away, so's not YOU! :) LOVE this Jen! I'm such BG nut anyway! Fantastic card!!