Monday, June 18, 2007's official...I am getting old! Our oldest son is going to be baptized a member of the church here in just a few short weeks!

I am not sure how I feel about the whole thing...I mean I am totally happy he made the decision...but I am just so surprised that we are already to this point in our seems that time goes by so quickly once you have kids!

So...good thing that I learned how to digi scrap this weekend...I was going to paper scrap all of his was much easier to digi scrap 1 and then print off 30+ invites...(plus I think they turned out pretty cute...I could be addicted!)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well today was the day...I had the bug...I have been thinking about digi scrapbooking for a long time...I had 2 programs that I could work in...and let's face it...I hate it when I don't know how to do loaded with all of that ... I pm'd Meesh (from Scrapstreet) and she directed me on my path :) Well a few tutorials later...and 1 instant message to Renee...I had a layout! (not to mention the amazing free digi download kit from scrapstreet that Dora created! isn't it lovely!)
I am so stinkin' proud of I know...other digi scrappers might think...awh no biggie! but I did it!
Anyway...I just had to share!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A new contest at SWG!

Send in your “submissions” now to enter the SWG ( “Big Scrapper” Contest. Twelve lucky scrappers will qualify to enter the SWG House…where only 1 will walk out with the SWG “Big Scrapper Title”, Bragging rights, and of course a huge prize package worth $100 dollars from our “Big Scrapper Sponsor” Junkitz! To enter the SWG "Big Scrapper" contest submit 2 examples of your best work. Examples could include Layouts, cards or altered items we are not asking for "new work" but previously created work is totally fine (for this portion of the contest)
The Lucky 12 "house guests" will be announced on June 22nd at our online monthly crop (from 7-11 CST on our boards) and the game will begin on June 23rd and go until the beginning of the July Crop which starts July 27th and runs for the entire weekend! (stay tuned for more info on this super fun crop!)…when our winner will be announced.How the game will be played:(* Since Junkitz is our sponsor for the contest…1 of the challenges will require the use of Junkitz products)Week 1 (after this round 11 "house guests" will be left)After the 12 guests have been picked. They will each be issued a challenge (1st challenge will be issued on June 23rd after all the house guests are unpacked and ready to go )Upon completion of the first challenge the judges (current design team, DT coordinator, and the SWG site owner) will "meet" and score each entry and the "house guest" with the highest score will win the "house power" and will then have to nominate 2 scrappers to go head to head in a scrap off (this "scrap off" will be an intense competition as you fight to stay in the house…the deadline will be short…and the challenge will be simple…and your fate will be announced soon after the deadline )The other house guests that are NOT in the "scrap off" will then have to vote for the scrapper that they would like to see stay in the house. The scrapper with the lowest votes from their fellow "house mates" will be asked to leave the house and the game will continue.However for the voted out "house guest" the game does not end there…the "house guest" can chose to continue on and apply to be a Design Team member! That’s right we are looking to fill 2 Design team spots on the Amazing SWG design team! (a 6-month stint from Aug 07-Jan 08)) *Besides completing each challenge (or in other words continuing to play like you are still in the house…other than the "scrap offs" unless it’s your "life on the line") you will need to fill out a short application (which will be posted during week 5 of the competition) You do NOT need to win the contest to be considered for the DT (but you do need to be one of the 12 "house guests" and you do need to continue to play the entire game even if you are asked to "leave the house")We are looking for well rounded scrappers that are talented but will also be active in our community, and interact well with our members. SWG DT is a big commitment that we do not take lightly…so please consider your ability to truly commit your time and talents to our team.Week 2 (after this round 9 "house guests will be left")Challenge issued on the 30th and everything will be played the same except 4 people will be nominated by the "house power" and 2 will leave the gameWeek 3 (after this round 6 "house guests will be left")Challenge issued on the 7th and everything will be played the same except 6 house guests will be nominated by the "house power" and 3 will leave the game.Week 4 (after this round 2 house guest will be left)Challenge issued on the 14th and everything will be played the same except 5 house guest will be nominated by the "house power" and 4 will leave the game.Week 5 (final 2 will face off…and "big scrapper" will be announced)Our final 2 will be left and will face off…and the voted out house guests (if they choose to) along with the design team, design team coordinator and the site owner will vote and the "big scrapper" will be announced at the July Crop on July 28th.Do you have what it takes to win the title of "big scrapper"? We look forward to seeing your submissions! Good luck!