Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New contest: "School of Scrap" at SWG!

School of Scrap

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and Mustard Moon are taking you back to school in our fun and twisted contest “School of Scrap”! How long has it been since you sat in a classroom desk? Well this month…take your seat and get ready to get your scrap on! We will stretch you a bit as we make the weekly “assignments”

Our sponsor Mustard Moon has provided 2 prize packages both worth 25.00 (retail value) Each prize package will consist of Mustard Moon’s latest lines: Sew it Seams I & II, Man in the Moon & Opulent Whimsy along with their latest big Honkin’ Stickers release and cardstock stickers!

We will be awarding 1 of the prize packages to the winner (the person who gets the highest overall grades) and also awarding 1 prize package to the “teachers pet”…what is the “teachers pet” you ask…well it is the person that interacts best on the boards with praising the other members, posting to our board…and being an all around super star! So if you like to go the extra mile while getting your scrap on the title of “teachers pet” just might be yours!

We are also looking for 2 design team members!!! In order to apply to become a design team member at SWG you will need to complete the entire contest and then fill out an application (which will be provided toward the end of the contest). This will be for a 6-month stint that will begin in Oct and go through March 2008!

There will be 4 challenges during this contest:

Challenge 1 will be issued Sept. 1st and due Sept. 8th @ midnight CST

Challenge 2 will be issued Sept 8th and due Sept 15th @ midnight CST

Challenge 3 will be issued Sept 15th and due Sept. 22nd @ midnight CST

Challenge 4 will be issued (Wednesday) Sept 19th and due (Wednesday) Sept 26th @ midnight CST

Now we all know that every class room has rules…so here are ours:

1. Sign-ups will be taken on the message board until Sept 8th at midnight CST! (please sign up under the sign-up thread) However, your first challenge will be issued Sept 1st!

2. If you are on the “class roster” (aka…all signed up) your first assignment will be given to you on Sept. 1st…and you will have 1 week to complete the assignment. All assignments (except for the last one) will be due at midnight CST the following Saturday (please see the assignment schedule for the last assignment).

3. You will be earning “grades” during this contest. You may drop your lowest grade…which also means you may skip 1 week during the contest… (giving you a zero…which you would want to then drop)

4. You will be required to use product from Mustard Moon for 1 of the challenges and also 1 of the extra credit assignments. If you do not have any of mustard moon products you may purchase them in our store for a great price!

5. You can earn “extra credit” throughout the contest and will be given 1 “extra credit opportunity” each week! This will be worth 5 extra credit points! Please note that extra credit is not mandatory! So watch out for these opportunities…they will be given at different times during the week…and can be time specific….and will never be the same thing.

6. No one will be eliminated during the contest! The person with the highest score at the end of the contest will be our winner! We will determine the winner by adding all of the grades together and subtracting out the lowest score.

7. Assignments will always be due on Saturday at Midnight CST! (*with an exception for the last assignment…please see the assignment schedule) (failure to upload that week will result in a zero (*keep in mind that you can drop your lowest score…so if you choose to skip a week…you would be able to drop that zero) Please keep in mind that everything will be run on CST. You will receive your scores back no later than Monday at noon CST.

So what can you expect for your first assignment? Well of course the teacher never let’s you look at the test before you take it! So you will have to join us in this super fun contest to find out! WE will see you on the boards at

Monday, August 20, 2007

Well I made it...

To week 5 at the contest! I am so excited! This week is going to be I have to make my own pattern the thinking cap is on!
Here are my layouts from week 3 and 4:
Week 3

Week 4

Now on to week 5...I will post my creation when I get it finished :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Where has the time gone!

So it has been a while since I last blogged! I think summer has taken over my life...with the kids out of school...and having so much going on all the blog has been neglected! :)
Well even though I haven't been bloggin' life in the scrapbooking world for me has been moving on.
1. Just recently (beg. of Aug) I took over a new position at I am now the special events coordinator! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI will be planning all contests and crops, looking for sponsorship, running the boards and working with the new design team coordinator (who is Lesli) I am really excited about the changes at SWG! I look forward to another 6 fun months there! will want to join us this month over at SWG! we are cleaning and organizing...and having a blast!
2. Just yesterday...I was asked to join the digi team at I am now on the digi team! and totally honored! I have only been digi scrapbooking for about a month this is such an honor!
I will also continue to work as a member of the "pit crew" as well!
One of my good scrapbooking friends Renee...was also asked to join the digi crew! I am excited to get to work with her again!
3. I am in yet another contest over at this has been a lot of fun! We are in week 2...and I am waiting for the results (tonight) to see if I will be moving forward!

Here is my week 1 entry:

Here is my week 2 entry:

Life in general

Jackson has also just completed his swim team commitment for the summer! He did a wonderful job! I am so proud of him!

Jackson has 1.5 weeks until school starts back...he is really excited to head back to school! so that makes it easier for me as a mom :)

Ashlee will head back at the end of Sept! and she is also excited to see her teacher and friends...

Chad took over his new location (for Chase) just a few weeks ago...he has been working a ton...and enjoying a new challenge! It's good to see him all settled again...

Gavin continues to grow and just be adorable! so nothing too much has changed there...but boy is he starting to say a lot of words...I keep telling myself I need to do a layout about that...perhaps this week!

As far as I go...I am staying busy the house (the never ending chore) and taking care of the kids and house! So life is good!