Monday, December 31, 2007

Scrapping with Grace and Scrappin' Sports and More

I have a few layouts and projects to's been a crazy I know most of you have been really busy as well! But I managed to get a few things done this month!

December was my last month at Scrapping with Grace. I have met so many really neat scrappers over there and it has been a wonderful place to hang out...but it was just really time for me to move on and stretch myself.
This month we were working with Tinkering Ink and I managed to get 1 layout it is

This was also my first month creating and sharing over at Scrappin' Sports and more! I am had a blast working with their new young and active line this month! If you haven't checked out Scrappin' Sports and should!

Monday, December 24, 2007

I want to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! (Eve for most of us!) but I doubt that I will be around much tomorrow! So I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope Santa has something special under the tree for each of you!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A few photo cards

Here are a few photo cards that I made to go with the teachers gifts and also one for my Dad's birthday from the kids! These templates were designed by the digital template shopp...stop over there and check out what Crystal has to offer in the way of will love using them!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A few Layouts to Share...

Well I have been really busy getting things ready for Christmas but I have also been able to squeeze out a few layouts for the digital template shopp and also SeaScraps.

I hope that everyone is getting excited for Christmas and is able to spend some extra special time with those you love the most!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A quick share

Wow I have really been busy working away like a little elf...I haven't had any time to play...and my back is also having problems right that always makes things more complicated :)

I do have a layout to share's a digital layout that I made using Sandra's (SeaScraps) Vintage Christmas Kit...this kit was a lot of fun to play with...if you haven't checked out Sandra's kits you can at!

Monday, December 10, 2007

New Contest @ SWG! Count down to Christmas Eve Contest

This month at SWG the design team is working with Tinkering Ink! We think that tinkering ink is such a wonderful company and their products are just over the top…so in honor of Tinkering Ink (our December Sponsor) we have a contest that will challenge you and fill this season with some scrapbooking joy!

Starting on Dec. 12th and going through Dec. 23rd we will be issuing 1 challenge per day! Simply complete as many challenges as you can on the dates that they are issued and upload to the SWG gallery before midnight CST on that same day for it to be counted!

Daily challenges can range from making a certain amount of cards or tags to making Home décor (and of course everything in between). You will also be required to use Tinkering ink products on 4 of the 12 challenges…so head to the store and pick up your tinkering ink products if you are in need! As always, we offer great prices on all of our products!

The Scrapper that completes the most of the issued challenges (and uploaded the same day that they are issued by midnight CST to the SWG gallery) will be our grand prize winner! *if there is a tie between 2 or more scrappers then it will go to a vote that will be open to the SWG members. The scrapper with the most votes will then be the grand prize winner.

However, after the grand prize winner is announced… it doesn’t end there for each challenge that you complete your name will go into a random drawing. We will pull out a winner out during the Dec. Crop (Counting down the last Friday in the year to midnight!) which will be held on Friday Dec. 28th (the last Friday in 2007) from 6-midnight CST!

So what are you playing for:

Our Grand Prize winner this month will win: The entire line of Yuletide

For each challenge you complete your name will go in the the crop we will draw out 1 name and the winner will receive the beloved line (only paper)

So what are you waiting for…head on over to SWG and get ready to add a little extra joy to your holiday season!

Friday, December 7, 2007

A teacher gift…and a great idea for neighbor gifts

Each year it’s a struggle for me to come up with something for our neighbors and teachers. We have been blessed with some really great neighbors (and some not so good…but we are looking on the “Merry” side of Christmas…right). This year I am making snowman tins for our neighbors..(I hope to have those finished this weekend)…but last night a friend brought over this very simple and cute gift to us…and I wanted to share it here as it is inexpensive…and darling :)

First I have to say the picture does not do it justice…it is really a pretty display…

It’s Christmas Potpourri

You put inside a cellophane bag: 1 large orange
3-4 good size cinnamon sticks
3 good size bay leafs
4-5 TBSP. whole Cloves

Layer it in your bag…put the whole cloves in first…then the large orange and then the bay leaves and cinn. Sticks on the top and tie with a bow…

Then you add in this little card that says:
“Cut the orange into slices.
Add the spices to a sauce
Pan with plenty of water.
Bring to a boil. Simmer &
Enjoy the smell of Christmas!
Add water as needed.

Easy enough right? And it smells divine!

For the teachers this year I made this “count down to Christmas”. After Thanksgiving this year a good friend had us over to her home and we made these cute “count downs” out of wood and vinyl.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A few Christmas Projects

Well my son is getting excited...he has informed me that there are now officially 19 days until Christmas...EEEK! Time sure is flying!

This weekend at SWG's Crop we were challenged to alter a clam shell...I am now finally getting around to posting mine. I used the Christmas Cheer cartridge on this to make a "gift card holder" husband will be using this for a Christmas exchange at work...just needs to add in the gift card.

Here it is...

I have also been busy cutting vinyls on my cricut again...what can I say I am having way to much fun! I made Christmas magnets today for a friend's little I need to make some for my own kids to have :)

Here they are:

I have so many other projects that I am working on too right now...teachers gifts, snowman tins and some vinyl glass blocks :) I hope to get those finished and post them here by the end of the weekend.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

21 Day until Christmas...EEK!

Does that number scare anyone else? I really want to be finished with everything this year by the 15th...and after the 19th *School parties....I will be able to enjoy the season and think about the true meaning of Christmas!

This month at Scrapstreet there is a free Christmas Digital Kit...if you haven't grabbed it yet...head on over and do so :)

Here is a layout I made of my little Gavin last year...using the was also in the magazine this month!

I also forgot to share this little layout that I did a few months ago using the first digital kit that I (and a friend Reneé) made together...

We are currently working on another kit together that will be available for free download at in the summer.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cutting Vinyl on my Cricut Machine

Is very possible! and a lot of fun!

I headed to my local sign store on friday to purchase some of their vinyl scraps...I was able to get several yards for 5 dollars...I will have vinyl for a long time! RLOL! (maybe not cuz I have a few other projects in mind!)

I used the George and the Christmas Cheer Cartridge along with some clear glass balls (from my local Hobby Lobby) to make these super simple but oh so cute ornaments for my Christmas tree!

Now I am ready to make more vinyl creations!!!

Scrapstreet kit!

Oh my...I have to share this amazing kit that came to me yesterday!!! I am blown's just so darn yummy I have to share...

This kit includes: 8 pieces of Kelly Panacci for Sandylion paper Matching 28 piece chipboard set 2 sheets of coordinating sticker stitches 6 glitter tipped Heidi Swapp flowers One package of Heidi Swapp bling strips 5 journal cards (assorted)from Dude One 12x12 clear flower from page frame designs all for only $15! (shocking I know!)

Anyway, If I haven't said it before...I will say it now...being a member of the kit club at is awesome!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Crop this weekend at

There is a crop this weekend at! The idea of the crop is that you will be world travelers collecting passport stamps as you make your away through the "islands"! Each island will feature games, challenges and of course lots of fun and laughter!

Please come join us this weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am resigning from

I am resigning from as the special events coordinator at the end of December. This has been a heart felt decision as I have been there for over 1 ½ years…so many things have changed since then and so has my focus.

I have had many new opportunities present themselves in the past 6 months…and in order for me to spend more time focusing on the things that I want to be doing…which is mainly designing…it’s time to say goodbye.

I am really looking forward to 2008 and all of the wonderful possibilities!

The Digital Template Shoppe Opens Today

I have been busy working on samples for the digital template shoppe! Today is the opening day...head on over to to check it out! I think that you will find that they are easy to work with and there is so much that can be done with them!

Here are a few examples I made with templates (1-9)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

You get sick...and...

Your blog doesn't get the attention it needs ;)

I am finally getting better! Although I still can't smell or taste anything...but feeling much better!

Halloween night...I just couldn't fight the sickness any longer...and it won! I felt lucky however, because I was able to make it through being in charge of another school Halloween party before I ended up in bed for several days :)

I am doing much better now...and had an Ok sweet hubby really tried...but I just wasnt' feeling good enough to enjoy it.

Today my folks are coming into town and Chad and I have plans to go do something fun to celebrate my birthday! So all is well :)

I wanted to share some pictures of the kids on little clown (Gavin) wasn't feeling all that well either and didn't want to hold still for pictures...I think some "re-takes" are in order ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

3 Big Toots !!! and my last day being 31!

Today is the last time in my life that I will be 31...tomorrow is my 32nd birthday! I am excited...and sad all at the same time! Sad because I am sick and I won't enjoy my cake....not because of the new age...after all it is just a number! So goodbye 31 and hello to 32...can't wait to see what this year will bring to my life!

I also have 3 new toots that I have been dying to share...1 that I have known about for some time and the other 2 I just found out about in the past day or so...and with Halloween (crazy Room Mom role...) this is my first chance to share.

Toot 1: I have been chosen for the scrappin sports and more design team!!! This is so exciting! I am honored and just thrilled about the whole thing! I can't wait to get started! For those of you that might not be familiar with SS&M they are a scrapbooking manufacturer and here is their website....
*I think you all might recognize some of the other designers here too...I am thrilled to work with such a talented group of scrappers!

Toot 2: I just found out yesterday that I will have the opportunity to design for SeaScraps (Sandra) Her amazing digital kits are for sale at scrappinfreestyle! I am just thrilled for this new opportunity and can't wait to get started!

Toot 3: This one I have been keeping for some time now...and the site has a new launch date which is Nov. 15th! I will be designing using digital templates for Crystal at the digital template shoppe! ( I have been busy working up samples for the launch along with the other super talented ladies on the team! I can't wait for launch date!

There is also a new contest that started over at today...head on over and join us at Treasure Island!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Busy Weekend

Well I decided to throw my name in the hat for the hybrid design team call. I am sure there are many other digi/hybrid artist that are much more qualified...but I decided to go for it and wanted to share my creations (as I only had a day and a half to work on it!) So given the time that I had I am really happy with my submission.

Here is the digital kit that I made:

Here is the digital layout that I made using this mini kit:

Here are the hybrid cards that I made using this kit:

I also finished up a few more cards for SWG this month using the pebbles line here they are:

Saturday, October 20, 2007 I've been tagged twice this week!

ACK! I was tagged 2 times this week...I feel so popular RLOL! :) I will combine my taggers...sound good :)

So I was tagged by:
Nicole and Lesli

1. Link to the person (or in my case person(s) that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok here are my random facts:

1. I am a twin! I have a twin brother...and grew up talking for him! He was kinda shy as a child and I was well kinda like I am now...I like to talk.

2. I am addicted to socks...but they have to be cute socks! (no plain white socks around here;))

3. I was married at 21.

4. I have lived in 9 different states in 11 years.

5. I love pj's! Much like my socks they have to be cute...and if I am scrappin' I am in my pj's.

6. I love to travel! Esp. going on cruises!

7. It was hard to get and keep my 3 kids! We almost lost 1 just after he was born, then we turned to adoption...and that was tough...and then several surgeries to get my 3rd little guy! Needless to say family is very important to me...and I adore my children. I am going to tag.....
1. Renee
2. Nat
3. Crystal
4. Mireille
5. Nicole M
6. Leigh
7. Lindsey

New Contest at!

Eh Me hearties I am looking for me treasure…have you seen it?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hunt for some hidden treasure? Well this month at Scrapping with Grace we will be doing just that! Each week (Nov. 1st (Thursday) and going through Thursday the 29th) You will have an opportunity to find the lost treasure from Paper Trunk.

Some of the lost treasures that Carrie from Paper Trunk has misplaced would be:
Batik Collection
Gigi Collection
And some of the super cool clear stamps!

Each week the lost treasure will change and you will have to search through 100 locked treasure boxes (locked threads on the board) trying to be the first to find the correct locked treasure box.

So how do you get a secret treasure box code?
Simple! For each box you want the code to, you will either have to scrap:
3 cards using 50% Paper trunk Product
1 Layout (8.5x11 or 12x12 in size) using 50% Paper Trunk Product
1 Altered Project using 50% Paper Trunk Product
* Week 2 on...if you use the chosen sketch (that Carrie from Paper Trunk chooses)then you will get 2 secret codes per layout!!!

*Other than the required 50% of Paper Trunk products on each project…there are no other weekly requirements…so you can scrap what you what and how you want!

After you complete this task you will private message to the [b]Cap'n [/b](Special Events Coordinator (Jen)) with a treasure box number and she will private message you back with the code to that treasure box. If you are right…you will put in the code and it will reveal a picture of the treasure…If you are not right…it will give you a “sorry please try again” and you will sign in letting others know you have already been there and then head back to creating more projects!

After the treasure is found there will be a new treasure hidden and the game will start again on the following Thursday. If by chance no one finds the treasure that week…then that treasure will be combined with the next treasure (making a bigger treasure to find for the following week)!

Now if all of that doesn’t sound exciting enough! Carrie from Paper Trunk will be checking in to see what you all are doing and will be picking her favorite layout, card and altered item made during the contest to feature on her site! She would also love to see your sketches! And will be picking a favorite sketch the first week of the contest! So if you are a sketcher submit your sketches between now and Nov.6th! (the chosen sketch will be revealed on the 8th of November!) The winner will then have their sketch used during the contest and will also be featured on Carrie’s Site!

Well see you on the boards! (

Blimey! Now that’s exciting stuff!

* reserves the right to clarify any rules or questions that may come up during the contest.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Someone's getting ready to have a birthday!

Look at my BABY! he is almost 2! Shocking how fast time goes! I am just thankful that I have beautiful pages to look back on and reminisce about his first moments!

On the NEW news front...I have some exciting news to TOOT about...I will be signing a new contract with a store that will open in November! I will give the official TOOT on Nov 1st :)! Can't wait to share! (how is that for a tease:))

Thursday, October 11, 2007

HUGE Digi Contest at

What are you waiting for....head on over and check it out!
Scrapstreet Digi Contest

Working with Pebbles!

This month at SWG ( we are working with Pebbles Inc. their products are just super fun! I chose to work with the Theodore line this month...and here is a layout that I created using it. (more to come check back ;))
Keeping up with sharing my rough sketches....
Here is the sketch:

Here's the Layout: (sorry for the photo...not sure what happened)

Future Paleontologist: Mine (and Renee's first digital kit for sale)

Well Renee(a good friend)and I have finished our first digital kit! Future Paleontologist will be for sale at and available for purchase soon! (

Here's a kit preview

Kit Details:

Title: Future Paleontologist
Sale Price: $3.99
Description: Do you have a little explorer at your house? Perhaps someone that likes to dig in the dirt and play with dinosaurs! Well this kit is perfect for those rugged moments! This kit was designed by Renee and Jennifer with those moments in mind.
Included in the kit are 5 pattern papers, 5 coordinated grungy solids, 5 tags, 4 journaling tags, 7 overlays, coordinated stitches, photo corners, buttons and brads!

If you are interested in purchasing the kit...head on over to! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Re: I've been busy

Well it's been a while since I have seems this time of the year is so busy! It is also my favorite time of the year! I would say 1/3 of my layouts will come from now until the first of the year! We will have fall sports, the pumpkin patch, thanksgiving, halloween, autumn festivals, and of course Christmas!

On the scrapbooking front...I have been busy! and wanted to share some of the things that I have been working on :)

1. Showroom for Magazine...I have created a few things that I haven't shared yet ;)We were working with Papertrunk! (for Oct. magazine) the textures of their paper and the rich design make these papers very fun to work with!

First day '07 Layout

Altered Fall Paper Clip

I have also been working with SSM (scrappin'sports and more)their papers and rubons are perfect for all of those activites that my family always has going on! The rubons are the best....go on so smooth and even! If you haven't tried them...pick them up and give them a will love them!

I also have started to save my very rough sketches of layouts...these aren't pretty...but I thought it would be fun to share the rough sketches that I do and then the final finished product/layout!

Our Bicycle Sweetheart


Swim Freestyle


Our Bowler

I also just finished up some showroom work for it is for next months issue! I can't wait to share it...we were working with Paper salon...the the colors just scream fall!

At we have been playing with pebbles this month...and I will update as soon as I finish! I just love the theodore line that I am working with!

On the digital front my first kit "too cute 2 spook" went out in the newsletter this weekend! If you didn't grab it ....refer to the newsletter or stop by the site and sign up for the newsletter!

I am currently working on the November free digitial kit for the newsletter...the colors just scream fall! I can't wait to share!

I also have a few digital layouts to share that I have created for the digital team at they will be in the magazine in the new few I will update here when I can!