Thursday, November 8, 2007

You get sick...and...

Your blog doesn't get the attention it needs ;)

I am finally getting better! Although I still can't smell or taste anything...but feeling much better!

Halloween night...I just couldn't fight the sickness any longer...and it won! I felt lucky however, because I was able to make it through being in charge of another school Halloween party before I ended up in bed for several days :)

I am doing much better now...and had an Ok sweet hubby really tried...but I just wasnt' feeling good enough to enjoy it.

Today my folks are coming into town and Chad and I have plans to go do something fun to celebrate my birthday! So all is well :)

I wanted to share some pictures of the kids on little clown (Gavin) wasn't feeling all that well either and didn't want to hold still for pictures...I think some "re-takes" are in order ;)


Lesli said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling long. I hope you have a great date night with Chad - those times always refresh me.

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Hope you start feeling better soon- you've been sick for too long.