Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well it's official...I have reached over the 1 year mark with scrappinwithgrace.com. I've had a blast! but it's time for my little wings to fly .....so...if you have what it takes to replace me...I encourage you to apply :) good luck!

Scrappinwithgrace.com is searching for a new design team coordinator. If you have what it takes to organize a design team, create contests that people want to participate in, motivate members, while helping to drive sales to the store...we want to hear from you!
Please take a moment to go to our board (scrappinwithgrace.com) and get to know the community...then if you are interested please register and pm the admin (Kristina) with the answers to the following questions:
1. Why do you think you would make a good fit for SWG DT Coordinator?a. Why do you want the position? What about the position entices you the most? b. What can you offer to SWG as the DT Coordinator? Be creative.c. How often are you online? d. Show me your creativity. List one new idea for the site and tell me a little about it. 2. Past Experience?a. Do you have any prior experience as a design team member, or coordinator? Give examples of a frustrating situation and a rewarding situation?b. Do you have computer knowledge? How well do you know a computer? Give examples.3. Are you committed currently to other sites/blogs/stores?a. What level of commitment is at those sites? b. Do you feel it will affect your commitment to SWG? 4. Why do you scrapbook?a. Give me three reasons on why you scrapbook?b. Do you want to be known in the scrapbooking industry?c. Where do you mostly scrapbook? At home, with friends, weekend retreats, etc?d. Do you attend CKUs, or other similar events?Please link me to your blog, your work, scrapbook resume, whatever you have….
Please pm your answers by July 20th at midnight CST! The new design team coordinator will be announced during our July Crop! (Christmas in July at SWG from the 27th-29th) We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Catching up...

Well it's been a while since I blogged last...we have been really busy this summer that's for sure!

Jackson and Ashlee had their birthdays! and I feel like I am still recovering! We decided this year to just have a family party...since we had so much family around due to Jackson's baptism. We spent the morning opening presents and having a huge pancake breakfast, something that was a tradition in my house growing up, (you add candles to the pancakes...)the kids love it and so do I :)
In the afternoon we headed over the Ashlee's Gym class and Chad got to see her in action...she is just too fun to watch. Then we came home and had a light lunch and played with the new presents.
That night we all headed to Chuck-E-Cheese (kids choice!) and had a great time playing and eating.
It was a fun day...and the kids had a great time!

Jackson was baptized on Saturday (the 30th) I am so proud of him for the choices that he continues to make...at such a young age...he is light years ahead of me! Time just keeps rolling on...and times like these make me want to hold them tight...and keep them small forever...but I know I can't.

On the scrapbook front....I am now in the dreamers contest over at scrapstreet.com. Spink called me on Monday looking for a new partner...so how could I resist :) Esp. since the company had just left and I should be cleaning....Clean or Scrap...hmmmm (HA!)
Anyway,come check it out and root on Spink and me (the twised dreamers)...as we take the contest by storm :))