Saturday, May 26, 2007

We had a lot of fun at the splash park are a few pictures...I think I took about 50 or less than a half an hour...haven't had time to alter them yet...just "raw pics" :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Schools out!

Well it is is out today! Ashlee actually got out on Tuesday...but Jackson's last day was felt weird picking him up for the last time this year...esp since it felt like I had just dropped him off for the first time this year...time sure seems to fly quickly when you have kids.
Let's's been a while since I updated my update time :) is having a crop this Friday night. This is the "ending" to the 3 Bugs in a Rug contest! It was a lot of fun...and went by way to quickly! If you want to join us on Friday can chat it up with Rick (the owner of 3 Bugs) at 8pm MST! There will be tons of prizes, games, challenges and chattin'! Stop on will have a blast!
At I just finished my first article for their magazine! I am excited...nervous...and can't wait to do it again! RLOL! a true blast! and the amazing. If you haven't had a chance to check it out...head over there...however...BEWARE...
it's an addicting place...and way too much fun! So you will have to learn to manage your time ;) Also, check out the calls...they are always amazing...and who wouldn't want to be published by such an amazing magazine! See you on the boards!
I am being published at RSC (ready set create) magazine this next month (June). I created a card for the 3 Bugs contest at SWG...and decided to submit it and it was picked quickly had to remove that...but I am really excited about the publication...I really need to get working on submitting more...but you know how it is ...never enough time...
Other than those wonderful things...I am busy busy busy with my 3 adorable kiddos...I am in a bit of a panic...with summer here now...but I am pretty organized and have a "plan" so if they don't fight me too much...we will have an educational and fun summer!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Results are in from the Scrapstreet Star Contest

Well the star contest ended on Sunday...the results are in...and NO I am not the star...but you can call me the star-et...because I am officially a member of the Scrap Street Magazine Pit Crew!!! I will be working on the Ezine with many other extremely talented ladies...and I could just do cartwheels all day I am so happy!


So how did it happen?!?.....

After the winner was announced on Sunday they sent out private emails to those that were chosen to join the staff...imagine my surprise to get one as well...I am just thrilled and look forward to this fun new venture!

Check out the Ezine at (click on Magazine..) You will love reading it every month...Check out the calls and submit! Who wouldn't want to get published in such a fab. ezine! :)