Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Come sail away . . . bad blogger!

Hi Everyone! Summer is just crazy around here! So much going on and kids running in so many different directions! We also just got home from a extra long vacation - pictues coming soon (I hope) and I am also taking a photography class taught by the ever popular Karen Russell - trust me when I say she's an amazing teacher! Anyway, I wanted to get this little project up that I created using GCD Studios products - this was shared a few days ago on the GCD Studios blog:

* * * * * * * * * *
Today's is my turn to show you my take on this month's theme:

When I first saw these images I was drawn to the boats. Summer time for me is all about water, water sports and nice lazy vacations. There is something (for me anyway) just magical about a sail boat. I think on a nice day there is nothing more beautiful then watching a sail boat sail off until you can no longer see it.

Recently, I was at my local craft store and I stumbled across this little unfinished boat I was drawn to it and knew I had to take it home. After painting my little boat white, I paired it with some yummy GCD papers to make the sails.

Here's my little Sail Boat:

Well I wish you each smooth "sailing" today! Have a happy day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer time and the days are busy!!! Father's Day gift idea using GCD Studios

I don't know about you all but the days are just flying around here - I haven't had a minute to even create or post on my blog lately! Summer can be so challenging :) Anyway, here's a project that was shared a few days ago on the GCD blog - I hope you enjoy it :)

With Father's Day right around the corner it's likely that you are wracking your brain trying to figure out a gift for that special guy in your life. If you are anything like me, you're busy and sometimes finding the special gift gets accidentally pushed off until it's a bit too late.

I created this project for all of my procrastination friends :) Here's a quick little "man" gift (equivalent to a man picking up flowers) that with just a few key supplies he'll think you had this planned for days :)

Supplies Needed:
~ jar of nuts - any kind
~ GCD Studios Papers and Embellishments (I used Artsy Urban - it has great colors that are perfect for men).
~ Adhesive
~ Trimmer
~ Scissors
~ Ribbon
~ Printed Digi Stamp (I am sharing the one I created here in this post - so grab it for free!)

Here's the completed altered Jar:

So have you been wondering how you could create your own digital stamps? Well I am going to show you how using Photoshop CS3. Here's how I created the one I used on this little altered can.

Step one: Open a new file in photoshop. Size it at about 2x2 inches.

Step two: In the tool bar on the left hand size click on the custom shapes button and then at the top of your page click on the "paths" (see arrow)

Step 3:

From the pull down menu select any shape you wish. Your stamp will take on this shape - so choose one that you like.

Step 4: (I selected a basic circle) now draw out the shape onto your workspace - it will look like this when you are done.

Step 5: On the left hand side toolbar select your text button and click on the outside of your drawn out shape and start typing.

Step 6: You can adjust the size at the top using the basic sizing tools.

Step 7: (optional): I formed another layer and typed in "Happy Father's Day" in the center. I also drew out a few other circles using the basic "stroke" function to add a bit more interest to my stamp - here's the completed stamp. Now all I have to do is print and punch it out using my spellbinders or hand punch.

Do you like this digital stamp? Click HERE to download it for free!

Happy creating!