Friday, March 2, 2007

A day off....

Well the kids get one...where is mine :) I think tonight will be my "night off" I have lots of project that I need to work tonight is the night!
So what have I been up to? Well of course scrappin' and shopping...and the never ending cleaning and carting and caring for my darling children!
Gymboree is having their "earn you gymbucks" of course I have been busy shopping and rackin' up those can never have too many...after all gymboree has the most darling clothes for my sweet baby girl ;)
I have also been busy working on my dt assignments for SWG March reveals and also busy making an art board that I will be teaching a class on this month...come on over and check it know you want one.
I am also in the KMA top scrapper contest...I am currently working on my first assignment and I need to have more "freestyle skill" and it has been a challenge for me...esp since I have to use high school pictures...ugh!
Jackson is out of school today due to parent teacher it has been a busy day with 3 kids...not sure why 3 is hard one me...but it is! Too many asking for something all day I guess...but I am so fortunate to have my kids! they rock and I love them to death!
I had a few "let downs" recently...but thus is life in the scrappin' world...we can't always to chosen for something...and I am learning that lesson...and I think it makes me stronger as a scrapper and puts focus back on the true meaning of why I scrap.