Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Catching up...

Well it's been a while since I blogged last...we have been really busy this summer that's for sure!

Jackson and Ashlee had their birthdays! and I feel like I am still recovering! We decided this year to just have a family party...since we had so much family around due to Jackson's baptism. We spent the morning opening presents and having a huge pancake breakfast, something that was a tradition in my house growing up, (you add candles to the pancakes...)the kids love it and so do I :)
In the afternoon we headed over the Ashlee's Gym class and Chad got to see her in action...she is just too fun to watch. Then we came home and had a light lunch and played with the new presents.
That night we all headed to Chuck-E-Cheese (kids choice!) and had a great time playing and eating.
It was a fun day...and the kids had a great time!

Jackson was baptized on Saturday (the 30th) I am so proud of him for the choices that he continues to make...at such a young age...he is light years ahead of me! Time just keeps rolling on...and times like these make me want to hold them tight...and keep them small forever...but I know I can't.

On the scrapbook front....I am now in the dreamers contest over at scrapstreet.com. Spink called me on Monday looking for a new partner...so how could I resist :) Esp. since the company had just left and I should be cleaning....Clean or Scrap...hmmmm (HA!)
Anyway,come check it out and root on Spink and me (the twised dreamers)...as we take the contest by storm :))


kmmiller said...

Birthday traditions are awesome. Your son looks so handsome.

Lesli said...

Good luck in the contest! Jackson looks very handsome - there is much for you to be proud of!