Saturday, January 3, 2009

V-day cards for the Children's Hospital and Day 3 of the card challenge

It's hard to believe that we are already into the 3rd day of January...I was hoping that this year would pass a bit slower than last...but it seems that time just keeps moving a long at a faster pace.

In keeping with my January card challenge I have another card to share today. Today's card was created for a children's hospital v-day card drive. I ran across this card drive when I was visiting Lesli's blog. How could I not help out...I have pledged to make 15 cards for this drive. To find out more about the card drive and how you can help out, visit Julie's blog by clicking here.

Here's my card for today. I used the storybook cartridge to cut out the owl. This little card along with 14 others, will be making their way to the Children's hospital:

Jan. 3rd card Participants:



DonnaMundinger said...

Soooo sweet Jen. How adorable and girly is she with the big bow! I'm off to plan today's card. Keep up the great work. xxD

DeeDee said...

Love the pink owl Jen....what a great cause too!!! HUGS!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Yahoo! I used your inspiration for day 2 for my day 3. Here it is. Hope I can keep this up!

Andrea D. said...

What a fabulous cause! And a fabulous card, too! Kudos to you on keeping up on the Card a Day challenge :) I can't wait to keep checking back for more.

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Super cause and super card!!! :)

Leah said...

Your card is so sweet. I love that owl, I just got that cart and love it so much! I am planning on jumping in your challenge tomorrow! :)

kshand said...

What a wonderful thing to do Jennifer! Good luck on the card a day...lovin' the first couple already!