Thursday, January 22, 2009

January CAD Challenge~ Day 22

Wow! It's Thursday already! What a crazy wild week this one has turned out to be!

So today I have some REALLY exciting news...Gavin has potty trained HIMSELF! Woohooo...My little baby has decided he has had enough diapers...and without my help has taken matters into his OWN hands! How cool is that! LOL

Yesterday, after I dropped the kids off at school Gavin and I headed over to our local Micheals as they were having a sale on Bazzill! If you are like me you can NEVER have enough Bazzill. Oh what did I ever do before Bazzill...I can't even imagine creating without it anymore!

So while I was there...I was cruising down the isles and found a clearance section...and what did I see but a loot of Basic Grey goodies...I was shocked! After adding in several packages of chipboard, some paper pads, and a few other goodies...I found a card kit. I have never purchased a card kit before but the price really got me thinking. It was marked at 5 dollars for 8 cards. I grabbed it up thinking about how my Mom was saying that she wanted to make some cards but just didn't know how to really get started...I thought this would be a great "pick me up gift" for her. When I got to the rang up for 2.99! Wooohoo...original price was $ that ended up being a great I went back and got one for myself ;)

Anyway, today's little card comes from this little sweet kit. I did do some changing around on it a bit and added in some buttons to make it more "me".

Have a super day everyone! and remember if you are playing along with my January CAD challenge...leave me a link and I will add your card to the list for today :)

January CAD~ Day 22 Participants:
Shelly (Card 1) (Card 2)


Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

How cool for Gavin!!! Woo Hoo
Our Michael's never has anything good :(
Super card...its really cute!!! tfs

Regina Easter said...

YIPEEEEEEEEEEE more dipers........(well maybe)....tweet card...

shelly said...

hi jen.. oh i better make a m's run! fingers crossed they actually have something.. ours isnt a very good store :(
very very tweet card :) that lil birdie is so adorable! myday22 can be seen
geez the 22nd already.. what am i gonna do when this month is over!!??!!

shelly said...

one more from me :) HERE it is :) xx shelly

DonnaMundinger said...
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DonnaMundinger said...

Wowee Jen! What a deal and what a darling card you made with it! You can view my day 22 HERE

Look at that Shelly, what an overacheiver. LOL