Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So I'm feeling a Wee Bit Irish...

So...I was feeling a Wee Bit Irish today...after reading my CK magazine and seeing that Lisa Bearnson made an all green dinner for her fun is that! I might just have to give that a go myself!

But to tide me over...I decided to make a little Irish Home Deco with Vinyl and you guessed it my design studio and cricut expression machine!

I stopped by my local JoAnn's store to pick up the material and my local home improvement store to pick up my glass shower block...I have yet another little glass block to turn a Wee Bit Irish as well...I hope to get that done tomorrow :)

Here is my project...

Now tell me...will this clover give me good luck? Or maybe help me find that pot of gold?


Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Very nice! I can't believe we just finished V-day and it's already time to think about St. Patrick's Day...I just want a day off! LOL

AnaLise said...

I am a horrible crafter with great vision:) In my mind I am the forgotten child of Martha Stewart in reality I am sure my stick figures are searching for the E.R.

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Lesli said...

Great block - you are giving me ideas :)

Chris said...

I love your shamrock, I sure hope that it brings you luck.