Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Contest @ SWG!!!!

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! SWG and Pebbles Inc. have teamed up for the month of October to bring you a super fun contest! It’s football Survivor style! Is your scrappin’ so awesome that you can tackle and scrap at the same time? Well if so…this contest is for you!

We are currently taking sign-ups for our new contest “Survivor Football”! When you sign up you will be placed on either the Theodore or Nellie's Garden Team (these are some new lines from Pebbles)! You will battle against the opposing team while trying not to end up on the “bench”.

Each Monday you will be issued a new challenge and your assignments must be uploaded into the appropriate galleries by Sunday at noon CST! Of that week!

The Game schedule is as follows:
Monday Oct. 1st first challenge is issued and challenge is due Sunday Oct 7th at noon CST!

Sunday, Oct 7th (sign-ups close @ noon CST) and 2nd challenge will be issued the 2nd challenge is due Sunday Oct 14th @ noon CST

Monday Oct 15th 3rd challenge will be issued and due Sunday Oct 21st @ noon CST!

Monday Oct 22nd 4th challenge will be issued and due Sunday Oct 28th @ noon CST!

Crop weekend and announcement of winner will happen the weekend of October 26th-28th! (we hope to see you all there!)

Our Survivor Football winner (the last scrapper standing) will receive $65 dollars (retail) from Pebbles: 2 chalks/shimmers, 1 kit, and embellishments.

Best Sportsmanship (the person that praises others, lifts up the team, active on the board, etc….this person will be catch the attention of the judges and will be awarded for it…you can be “benched” and still win this prize!) will win $45 (retail) from Pebbles: 2 chalks, 1 kit $45

Each team will then get to vote for their teams MVP: Each MVP winner (1 from each team) will win a set of chalk from Pebbles (retail value $17)

Now for the small print: (as we have to have it)

1. Each week you will be issued a challenge and you can earn extra credit by using one of the pebble lines that SWG carries! (this will give your team and extra 5 pts per person that uses these lines! So check out the store! For more details). Each challenge that you complete will earn your team points. There will be a possible of 20 points per week per person that you can earn for your team (and then of course the extra 5 points for using the newer products from pebbles that are carried in the SWG store)

2. You may miss 1 week from the contest. However, (beware) if your team is the “losing team” that week…you may still be voted out.

3. There will be 1 challenge that will require the use of 90% pebbles product…however keep in mind that using the new pebbles products each week can earn you an extra 5pts to your weekly score! (see the SWG store for details)

4. Each Monday you will be issued a new challenge and your assignments must be uploaded into the appropriate galleries by Sunday at noon CST! Of that week!

5. The Refs (Current Dt, SWG store owner, DT Coordinator) will then score the layouts…and then the team scores will be added together. The team with the highest score that week…will get to rest up! While the team with the lowest score will head to the referee box…where they will all have to vote off some team members (weekly elimination will depend on how many people sign up for the contest! *details of how many to be voted off will be given at the beginning of each week)

6. The players that are voted off…will be posted by Monday @ 2pm CST. If you do not vote before noon on Monday for which player you would like to see voted off you forfeit your vote. Also if there is a tie that needs to be broken…it will be broken by the person that scored the highest that week for the team.

7. You may still sign up until the 8th of Oct. to be placed on a team…however the first due date for the first challenge is midnight on the 7th.

8. The last few scrappers standing…the winner will be determined by the highest overall score.

9. All entries must be new! and may not be posted outside of the SWG gallery other than your own personal blog.

10. We reserve all rights to clarify any rules.

11. If you have any questions, just ask on the message board.

Ready to sign-up? Head on over to the message board! Look under October happenings to find the sign-up thread.

After signing up the Special Events Coordinator, Jen, will place a blinkie in your signature line…this indicates which team you will be playing for!


Lesli said...

Great contest Jen - I hope we get lots of takers!

Lesli said...

Okay Jen - I am so there - and I have my game face on !!!