Thursday, May 6, 2010

My turn over at the GCD Studios & another quick gift idea

Today was my turn to post over at the GCD Blog - if you missed it here's my project!

As another school year draws closer to the end I am reminded about all of the last minute things I need to get done! There are book reports, field trips, performances, kindergarten graduation, I could go on and on but I will spare you. The end of the school year is a crazy time at my house and I am sure for you it is too.

As the end of the school year gets closer I start to think about clever little gift ideas, something that will let my kids teachers know just how much we appreciate them without breaking the bank.

This year I also have been trying to re-purpose various items and do my part to be a little bit more green, because heavens knows around my house it seems we waste way to much. Today I have a little treat container that I am going to share with you made out of an “up” cycled food can. With just a little bit of supplies, you too could create one!

Supplies Needed:
1. Crop-a-dile
2. Pliers
3. Paper Trimmer
4. Gauge Wire
5. GCD Pattern Papers, embellishments, etc.
6. Food Can (wash and sanitized)
7. Ribbon, filler
8. Adhesive
9. Pen, etc.

Step 1:

You need a recycled food can. This one happens to be a green bean can but you can use any can that you wish. Make sure that you do not have sharp edges on your can – my can opener cuts the entire lid off of the can so there are not any sharp edges exposed. Remove food and sanitize. I sanitize mine in my dishwasher - I actually have a sanitize cycle so that is what I use.

Step 2:
Cover the inside and outside with pattern paper. Also, cover the round bottom by cutting a circle either with your die cutting machine or paper punch. Note: when you cover the inside I found it works best if you apply your adhesive and then roll up your paper like this:

Step 3:
Using your crop-a-dile punch two holes into your can on opposite sides.

Step 4:

Cut off a good about of gauge wire (I purchased mine at Home Depot- click here to see the wire online) and wrap it around a pencil or pen to make some curls in it. Attach it into each hole and secure it by using your pliers.

Step 5:

Embellish and fill with candy or a small gift.

Here's my finished project:

I hope you will give it a try! Have a super crafty day!


Melissa said...

Super, super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Natalie said...

totally adorable Jen!! off to recycle a can :)

Nicole said...

LOVE this idea, might just have to steal if for a teacher gift.

DonnaMundinger said...

Cute cute cute, Jen! So sorry I've had a hard time keeping up with blog hopping! Love all of your new projects! xxD

AMIT said...

Its just lovely.Thanks for teaching us this.

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Jenn said...

Super cute, Jen! Wish I'd stopped in before I finished teacher gifts. I'll have to file this one away for next year.

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Super cute idea. Miss seeing your projects...I bet your happy for Summer and kids...I can't wait for my Belle to be done...Hugs, Krista