Saturday, May 22, 2010

*Update* I have received several emails about where I purchased this little house and it looks like there are a few postings wondering about it too - so I thought I should answer right here on this post.

I purchased this little house in the unfinished wood section at my local Michaels craft store - I painted it black - I hope that clears it up :)

Miss me? Wow life has been nothing but a whirlwind lately! My kids are finally out of school and I am looking forward to some long relaxing summer days!

It was my turn to share over at the GCD Studios blog today - so if you missed my project over there here it is :

Inspiration comes in so many different forms! One of my favorite things about crafting and the sharing communities about crafting is the fact that each artist has their own twist, spin, or flair even when they are given the same inspiration piece.

This month we were asked to draw inspiration from these little nested dolls:

There is so much to be inspired by here: patterns, textures, colors, materials, etc. The first thing that came to my mind was just how much fun these little dolls are to play with and how many different sizes are inside the main doll.

I decided to create a project that:
1. Used a lot of fun color and texture.
2. Had a lot of pieces or in this case compartments.

Here’s what I came up with:

What do you see when you look at these little dolls? Why not sit down and create something amazing today.
Have an amazing weekend everyone!


Juliana said...

JEN! This is fabulous! I just love your interpretation of your inspiration piece!

Renee' Dezember said...

This turned out FANTASTIC...I ave been waiting to see what you came up with for this assignment...LOVE IT...I want to make one...share withme later where you found the house :D Love ya! ttys

Kissin' Krafts said...

Yes, I want to know where you got the house, too! I LOVE the project and have added ot to my must-try craft list! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jingle said...

That looks so cute! You did a great job!