Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time to update...

Wow...it sure has taken me a while to get unpacked and caught up on some sleep! I am starting to feel like I am getting everything caught up on...but still so much to get done.

First I have to say "sorry" I don't have any pictures like I promised...I know...bad bad bad...I decided to take my smaller camera so I didn't have another bag to drag along...so I didn't end up taking as many photos...but I have been promised some...so hopefully soon I will have some...:)

I headed out on Wednesday to CHA. I spent that day (after arriving and checking into the hotel) in downtown Chicago...We(Reneé and I) took a boat taxi and checked out all of the cool buildings...it was very informative Chicago is truly a really cool city! That night we went out with a group to a local restaurant and then took the EL (subway) back to the hotel.

Thursday morning came way to quickly...the show floor was not "open" on Thursday but I had signed up for some classes and so I enjoyed the day playing with new products from Little Yellow Bicycle and Melissa Frances....it was a lot of fun. Thursday night they had the "opening" informal dinner. The local restaurants each had a table and served some of the best food Chicago style. This was my first "taste" of the Chicago pizza...it was different than anything I had ever had before...not sure I am craving it by any means...but I am glad I tried it...LOL.

Friday...we (my roomates...Nat, Reneé and I) hit the ground running...the show floors were open and wow is all I can say. There is such an excitement being on that floor...seeing all of the new products, trying it all out...and just being in the midst of all the excitement...it was a lot of fun! I was so tired after friday...but we hit the town to meet the rest of the Scrappin' Sports and More team...it was a lot of fun to meet everyone IRL (in real life)...the SS&M family is so sweet...I really enjoyed every moment with these ladies...(oh and Bryan..;))

Saturday I met up with the Scrapstreet gang...these girls were so cute in their matching shirts...and shopping with them is DANGEROUS...LOL...they are just like they are on the boards and the magazine...super friendly...easy going and just comfortable to be around. I had a great time with you gals!

Sunday was the "going home day"...I hit the floor as long as I could before it was time to head to the airport. I also managed to hurt myself on my walk to the convention center on sunday...so I am totally black and blue on one side...long story short...took a huge fall...the really unexpected sort...but that didn't stop me from walking the floor.

All in all...the trip was super fun! There were so many wonderful products...I just can't even list a few favorites...it just too hard...so I won't...but there are some amazing offerings from so many companies...it is just overwhelming...and my wish list has just become so long that I think it would make Santa run and hide for years...:) (no I am not kidding). The biggest highlight however was spending time with so many of the best scrappers ever! I had 2 seriously talented roomates (Reneé and Natalie...if you are not familar with their work you should check them out...amazing!...and just the sweetest gals ever!)

OH...P.S., don't forget about the "Threading Water Punch" GIVEAWAY on my blog...click here for full details!


dougnat said...

glad you got home ok!

kshand said...

Glad you starting to catch up! Hope the leg gets better.

Christa said...

WOW Sounds like you had a fun time. How cool was to meet up with some of your online friends. Good luck on catching everything up. :)

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Jennifer I had a great time too! I'm still trying to catch up lol
As soon as I got home I had Birthday Parties and Dentist Appts. so finally today I might have a quiet day!
Photos should be in the mail no later then Friday ;)

Dora said...

loved getting a chance to hug you!