Sunday, April 22, 2007

HUGE happenings at

Yep 2 new and huge events happening at for the month of May...and "may" I say you don't want to miss them (yep that was corny..I know! RLOL) Also, we are hosting our April crop (huge announcement on the hoops contest! on for further info :))

Okay first up....

National Scrapbooking Day is right around the corner...May 5th....

National Scrapbooking Day May 5th 10 am – 10 pm CSTDo you want a “GOLDEN TICKET”? No, you don’t have to buy a thousand candy bars even though that doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Virtual Tickets will be given during the day for the raffle drawings.“How do you get a ticket for the raffle?” you may ask. There are many ways to get tickets. For now, the first way to earn them is by making a purchase at our store. For every $2 you spend in the store from April 20th through May 5th (NSD) midnight CST – you will receive a “virtual ticket”.The remaining ways to get tickets will be posted closer to NSD. But do you want the coveted “GOLDEN TICKET”? The golden ticket will be awarded to the person with the most votes. The “Golden Ticket” gives the winner 15 virtual tickets for the grand prize raffle. What are the virtual tickets used for? It’s all about the raffle. The grand Prize. The Wonka Factory for scrapbookers! What is it? What are we raffling away? **A Chatterbox Brown Scrapbook Trunk Set**. *No longer available, this gorgeous trunk set is for all your scrapbooking needs!

And if that wasn't enough fun for you....we have another HUGE contest coming in May.... presents a thrilling new contest: "Jump on our court and SLAM DUNK with 3 Bugs in a Rug". The court is now open for sign-ups and the contest will run from May 3rd through May 21st! Slamin' Jammin' in your face TALENT is what the SLAM DUNK contest is all about! Is your talent:- rim breaking?, - backboard shaterin'?- whoopin' hootin' eyeball talent, or perhaps it is in a category "all in it's own"Whatever you've got - Bring it! - to our "Jump on our court and SLAM DUNK with 3 bugs in a Rug"With the "hoops contest" we had your working as a team but now we wanna see what you can do on your own!! (*you did not need to participate in the "hoops contest" to participate in our SLAM DUNK contest).There will be 3 categories for our SLAM DUNK contest.1. Best layout2. Best Card 3. Best altered project *3 Bugs Design Team will be choosing their favorite in each category. The winner in each category will win an AWESOME prize package from 3 Bugs! And will also be featured on the 3 Bugs in a Rug website! All prizes (prize packages will be announced at our online crop May 25th where we will host a celebrity chat with 3 Bugs!)So are you eyes going buggy at the possibility of winning some 3 Bugs products?.....and you are starting to think "how can I get involved?" I am glad you asked..There are 2 ways to play in our "Jump on our court and SLAM DUNK with 3 Bugs in a Rug".1. Do you want to shoot for the stars? Want to win a 3-month stint on the very talented SWG design team? Participate in all 3 challenges (layout, card and altered project). There will be a seperate folder where you will upload your images for voting. You may only upload 1 image in each category for the dt stint. The current design team will be voting on your completion of the project, your ability to follow instructions and your creative abilities. At the end of the contest we will announce who will be joining us on the SWG design team for a 3-month stint (July through September 2007) *those going for the design team are also eligible for the awesome 3 Bugs prizes!2. Are prizes more your thing? Don't want to be on the design team, no problem. 3 Bugs will be picking their favorite for each category and awarding a prize package in each area (card, layout, and altered item). You can choose to only participate in 1 area or all 3 areas. it doesn't matter - but you do need to complete and upload each challenge by the due date (which will be announced when each challenge is issued). You may upload up to 3 images for each category to be judged. (P.S. SWG Design Team - you may also try out for the prizes as 3 Bugs Design Team is judging... )Are you ready to sign up? Head on over to our message board at Category: SLAM DUNK Contest. Who will break the backboard and be joining us on our DT? Who will shine in talent and win some awesome prizes from 3 Bugs and be featured on their site? it is anyone's game!

You might also want to put our April Crop on your calendar....April 28 from 5-10pm CST

We will be announcing the winning team from our Take it to the hoops with SWG and Cosmo Cricket...Cosmo Cricket will also be there to announce their top picks that will be featured on their site!!! and will be joining us for a celeb chat! If that's not enough for you there will be prizes, games and challenges! You don't want to miss out!

Head on over to right now to get in on all the action packed fun!

TOP 10!!!!!!

Yep that's right top 10 baby! at the star contest! Wow! Now I am really in shock! I am on cloud 9! Thanks everyone for your support! Come and Cheer Renee and I on...maybe 1 of us could pull it never know...:)

On another note...I so need to update my blog....hopefully today I will get a chance :)!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Top 20!

Wow! Shocked...Amazed...and ummmm sooooo excited! I made it to the top 20 in the scrapstreet star contest! Wow! Amazing! This last round we had to create a was a challenge...and lots of work! but it paid off!

This week we have to create a challenge and a layout example of that challenge and then have a buddy scrap it too...I am really excited...I know what I want to do but I need to slow down a bit and really figure it out...:) Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 5, 2007 why the pic?!? Well this is the last challenge at KMA (I will display the layout later after the contest is know the rulz :) anyway...this happened when my son was 4! he is now 7...I have had the hardest time scrapping these reminds me of a moment in time that I would just like to forget all together! Well thanks to KMA I will be scrappin' these photos :) and then tuck it deep inside my son's book and forget it...RLOL!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spring Break is coming.....

Well Jackson and Ashlee's last day of school is tomorrow before we get a whole 10-days off!'s like that song "it's my fun day....where I don't have to run day"'s 10-days of that! Now don't get me wrong I am sure the kids will be driving me crazy and I will be ready for spring break to end...but for now...I am happy :)
We don't really have "plans" this year for spring seems weird that we are not going to we have gone the last few years to see Mickey...and do the whole vacation thing...unless Chad is holding out on me...not much in the way of trips planned....but we will still have fun :)

Well since sunday is Easter...we will have a busy weekend of egg coloring, egg hunting, Mr. Easter bunny, and of course playing Easter bunny (shhhh you didn't hear that here...) all wrapped up with cute photos of my kiddos...I am very excited to get some photos...they have adorable outfits all ready to go! Wait until you see Ms. Ashlee-Kate this year...way way way too cute :) (promise to post photos :)

Monday, April 2, 2007


I am in! for some reason I am having a hard time getting into my blog...hmmm...oh well guess today's the day for me... what have I been up to....

Current Contests

1. KMA ( I am now on the last and final week of the contest! Wow..I made it...the challenges have made me think and get outside my comfort zone...but it has been a lot of fun and I have really enjoyed myself. Can't wait to see who the winners will be...we should find out sometime next week.

2. Scrapstreet: I am in the scrapstreet Star contest...just finished my first week and made it through to the next round! I am totally excited! come on over to know you want to vote me on ;)

3. SWG (scrappinwithgrace) is in full swing with the cosmo cricket take it to the hoops challenge...these ladies are amazing the pants off me! It is crazy insane how close this contest is...head on over to the gallery (at and check it out! Feel free to join us this month at the April crop where we will be announcing the winners of the contest, having a celeb. chat with cosmo cricket...and cosmo cricket will be pick their top 3 favorites using their product to display on their site! (how huge is that!!!)

Life in General
Life has been keeping me busy! with 3 little ones and all the running it's a wonder I ever get to scrapbook! Yesterday we headed up to Estes Park with some was nice to get up in the mountains...they are so pretty at this time of the year.
Jackson and Ashlee have been talking about their birthday's the planning is crazy to think we only have a few more months before another year has passed :)