Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spring Break is coming.....

Well Jackson and Ashlee's last day of school is tomorrow before we get a whole 10-days off!'s like that song "it's my fun day....where I don't have to run day"'s 10-days of that! Now don't get me wrong I am sure the kids will be driving me crazy and I will be ready for spring break to end...but for now...I am happy :)
We don't really have "plans" this year for spring seems weird that we are not going to we have gone the last few years to see Mickey...and do the whole vacation thing...unless Chad is holding out on me...not much in the way of trips planned....but we will still have fun :)

Well since sunday is Easter...we will have a busy weekend of egg coloring, egg hunting, Mr. Easter bunny, and of course playing Easter bunny (shhhh you didn't hear that here...) all wrapped up with cute photos of my kiddos...I am very excited to get some photos...they have adorable outfits all ready to go! Wait until you see Ms. Ashlee-Kate this year...way way way too cute :) (promise to post photos :)

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