Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh Mr. Sun!!!

He came today! I am so excited...I feel like I have so much energy...we have been snowed in forever it seems but today it looks like a nice spring day! So....I can actually take some photos of stuff I have been working on and upload and submit them! :)

Bad news
My daughter has been really sick...and she got into my scrapbooking room and erased all of the photos off of my camera...I am just sick about it! All of my Christmas photos are gone and also all of my first of the year photos are gone...I could just cry...but slowly I am moving forward...if she wasn't so sick she just might have gotten in trouble..(oh I need to be better about this...but it is so hard to be a disciplinarian when your kids are just too darn cute )

We have some fun products that we are working with this month over at scrappin' with Grace...Rusty Pickle...come over and check it the DT reveal "March" (but you have to wait until March) LOL!

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