Monday, January 8, 2007

One cold winter....

Not sure what is going on here in has been 1 crazy winter. We have had 2 blizzard storms and freezing temps. We are expecting another blizzard storm with 10-20 inches again this week...if it "pans out weather wise" LOL! Our streets are covered in snow! They are unable to clear them because of the amount of snow and also the 6 inch ice slabs!

I have been in a huge rut..I think that the weather has frozen my brain! But I am trying to move forward and think about scrappin' again...I haven't scrapped at all this year..what is up with that!

We have some really fun things going on at SWG ( right now..the DLTBD contest is almost to the end! It has been really hard..and there are some super talented it hasn't been fun to be on the judging side of things...close calls and very tough!
Another great thing that we have going on is the weight loss challenge...I am the captain of 1 of the teams and we are doing great! It is a lot of fun to get in shape with ladies that you have so much in common with. I am also super excited about our v-day crop. We as a dt have some super fun things planned! I personally will be doing about 3 projects for this stop by and check it out..join in the fun and catch cupids arrow early :)

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