Saturday, December 30, 2006

Whew.. Christmas has passed

Wow! I can't believe how busy I have been between work, dt stuff and of course Christmas...thus the missing blogging!

Work has been crazy as it always is at this time of the year..I am just glad that we are almost past the holiday craze!

Christmas was intresting this year...Tis the season sometimes to bring out the worst in people and it hit our extended family this year. It is really hard to even talk about but I am just glad that it is behind us and we are able to move forward....and I feel truly blessed that my own little family is so blessed and so NORMAL! Being normal is so under-rated!

Tomorrow is the last day of this wonderful year...we have been so blessed this year with so many wonderful things. Some of the year highlights are Gavin turning 1...I can't believe my baby is already one..and he is the most adorable one-year-old on the planet! Jackson started 1st grade this year..that was tough with him being gone all day but I am so proud of him! Ashlee also started pre-school and it is a true joy to watch her learn, grow, and change right before our eyes. Chad is offically over at Mortgage now and he is loving is nice to see how happy he is again...he just loves sales! I am continuing to grow in so many areas..but scrapbooking has really been something that I continue to just love! I am just thrilled that I not only enjoy it so much but that I am making records or our life while doing it! It is so fun to look through the finished pages and my kids just love seeing themselves featured!

We truly are blessed! and that will be our legacy for 2006 and forward!

Happy New Year! to all of you!

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