Saturday, November 25, 2006

What a crazy weekend!

Wow! It is crazy to think that Thanksgiving has come and gone again! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving...complete with a little family drama..tis the season ;)

Today I have spent the day decorating the house for Christmas and also working on some ideas that I have in my head and need to get down on paper! I have sketched a few sketches and also covered some blocks and have been working on the 3bugs call! I am so excited that I decided to go forward with it..regardless of what happens..I know I will love the projects that I am completing.

Gavin is so into the tree this year..he was so little last year that he didn't even notice it is cute watching him checking out the tree. I know I am going to capture some amazing photos of him this year at the tree :)

I also started back on WW today. It is always hard the first few weeks..but I am excited to get my weight under control seems to be an on-going project..but it is totally worth the effort. is having some fun contests..and I am so happy to be on the dt and helping with all of the fun! We are having a huge dt call looking for 2 new dt members with a month long contest. So I spent a few hours today designing blinkies for the contest. This contest is going to be a blast! I just love the SWG site and being on the team. I can't wait to see who ends up winning and joining the SWG team.

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