Thursday, February 4, 2010

A photo...and some exciting news :)

This past summer I signed up for a course in photography through - I hate to admit it but I never really committed to doing the classes. To be honest without going into great detail - things this summer just stunk - and I had a lot of personal things going on. I am happy to say that things are going so much better for me personally.

Although I messed up my course with Better Photo - I was determined to get into another class! I am determined this year to understand f-stop and shutter speed, camera lenses and so much more! I am determined to take better photos and finally be able to fully use this expensive camera my husband bought me :)

So - guess what! I am all registered for an upcoming class by Karen Russell! I could not be more excited! I am a big fan of her work - and I have heard so many amazing things from others that have had the privilege of taking her class! I was not able to get into the first class - as it filled in just 2 mins! But I am happy to say I am registered in her class starting at the end of June! If you are not familiar with her or her work - you will want to check it out (click here to do so)

This year I thought really long and hard about doing the 365 photography challenge - but
to be frank committing to something that big seemed pretty scary to me - silly I know - but still committing to take a photo everyday seemed like something that would be hard for me to keep up with - now of course a little over a month into it I wish I would of done it. YEP go ahead and roll your eyes will me - *giggle*.

So I have decided to try to take a new photo everyday for the rest of the year :) Heck - it's never too late to join in on some fun, right? Now I might blog about this from time to time - but I don't think I will blog every time I have a new photo to post - instead I am going to add a slide to the right side of my blog and add in my photos - I hope that you will enjoy viewing them and watching (hopefully) as my photography skills grow.

Now to get me started on my journey to better photos - I will leave you with a photo I took this afternoon of my sweet little girl. I took this photo (now keep in mind that I am new at this) in my AV mode the aperture is set at 5.6 and shutter speed at 1/200, ISO 200).

Have a super day everyone!


Janis said...

You have a great, positive attitude! Never too late to jump in. :)

Heather Casper said...

Awww - that is awesome Jen!! I so want to take a Karen Russell class ... some day so I look forward to hearing your experience! I follow her blog. When you have a minute I would love to know what type of camera you have as I just got a new camera from my DH for Christmas.

Renee' Dezember said...

Such a cute photo of Ashlee! and you are one lucky lady to get into KRs class WOO HOO!!!

Regina Easter said...

GOOD FOR YOU GIRL..i tried to sign up for a digital class just a few weeks ago...there was one being taught at my local community center....and i was so game for it until it was for seniors only...hum....i to got a new camera and want to learn so much about it....thanks for sharing the link...

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Please tell me what kind of camera you have, I was just telling my DH that I want to learn about my camera...Mine is a little over a year old and the most expensive camera I have ever owned...I still only use the auto mode...Such a waste. I am ashamed...E-mail me..Krista

Lesli said...

That's a super photo of Ashlee - good luck to you! Can't wait to see your photos throughout the year!