Monday, December 15, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Oh I am so in the Christmas mood today! I was just telling my husband that I didn't feel like Christmas was here...but all of a sudden I can feel it today! I just love this time of the year...the smells of baking cookies, the exchanging of gifts with friends and family, all of the Christmas cards that we receive from friends and family, the music...the list goes on and on! I LOVE this time of the year!

However, I do not LOVE the cold! I am a southern the cold, chill and snow of Colorado is hard on me! But I do have to admit it is BEAUTIFUL! Esp. the snow capped/covered rocky mountains! We truly do live in a beautiful state...I just need to stay indoors for a few months out of the year...LOL :) We will be heading to the mountains right after Christmas this I will share some of those beautiful mountains with you soon :)'s been a while since I blogged last or shared anything. (I already shared that this is hands down my favorite time of the year)'s also the craziest time of the year...all the running around like a chicken and trying to balance family life can be a bit crazy...I am more than sure that several of you can relate!

Between all of the running I was able to get a LOT of projects done...most of which I can not share yet...but be on the look out I will be able to share soon!

So what have I been up to? Christmas stuff of course!

Every year I make candy Christmas trains to give out at the kids school..each year I say I am going to take some photos...and I never do this year...I finally did! These trains are super easy to make and I think they turn out pretty cute...and the kids sure do love them. I made 70 candy trains this year...*thud...yes I said 70!

A fellow BBTB friend Sharon made these Cranberry Pecan Crunch Layered cookies in a jar...and I so had to make these...

make sure to check out her blog for the link to the recipe!

Also, here's a peek at our tree this year...the kids have been moving around the ornaments...hey it's a family friendly tree :) LOL! I can never really ever get a great photo of the maybe if I take a lot this year one might turn out...;)

OH and I am the biggest snowman NUT ever! and over the Thanksgiving weekend I ran into the cutest snowman nativity set and it just had to come home with me...aren't they cute?

Lots more projects to share...but I need to actually photograph them first ;)

*oh I almost forgot...Saturday I headed out to get my nails done...and if you know anything about me (see my snowman nativity) you know I have a snowman lookie what I got...

Talk about holiday that's cute! LOL :)

I hope you are off to a good week!


Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Your tree is Beautiful!!! and the Snowman Nativity is adorable :) Gosh you've been busy!!! Take Care and enjoy the Season!

DeeDee said...

Oh gosh Jen...I love your cute!!! Me too...I LOVE whole tree is done in snowmen this year, along with every other decoration in my house...LOL!!! Have fun and enjoy yourself!!! HUGS!!!

kshand said...

Yeah...A post :) The snowman are way too cute..Love them!! Your tree is beautiful. Can't wait till you can share the new designs.

Mel said...

Oh those snowmen are darling!

Lesli said...

I didn't know you had a snowman obsession too! I thought it was all about the socks LOL :)

Love your projects!

Have a great Holiday Jen!

Peggy said...

Love your snowman nativity set - how cute. Speaking of cute, look at your toes. What fun. Can't wait to see the other projects you've been working on!